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Get back to your favorite activities without restriction through movement,

breath, and activity modification.


What is Orthopedic Physical Therapy?

Orthopedic Physical Therapy (OPT) focuses on the treatment of chronic and acute pain within the musculoskeletal system. At Equal Standing PT, we are experts in addressing chronic and acute pain in the body through mobility, strengthening exercises, mindful body mechanics, breath exercises, and hands on manipulation. We use holistic approaches to address the root cause of your pain, while treating the whole person.

What to expect from treatment?

Initial evaluation for orthopedic visits include a thorough review of your health history, evaluation of your daily habits, assessment of your condition, and personalized manual therapy. The aim of this visit is to ease your discomfort and provide you with tools to holistically address your condition and prevent further dysfunction. You will leave your initial visit with a treatment plan and at-home exercises to manage and improve your condition.

Follow up visits offer a source of accountability, and aid from manual therapies, and new exercises  as you progress. Between visits at home exercises, like mindful body mechanics, strength exercises, and mobility work, help to improve your condition and bring a sense of ease back into daily tasks. 

Orthopedic PT Treatments


Orthopedic Initial Evaluation

This 60 minute evaluation for Orthopedic PT will include a thorough assessment of the condition at hand, as well as personalized manual therapy, strength and mobility exercises, home exercises and education to restore function and ease pain.

Orthopedic Follow -Up

This 45 minute follow up session for Orthopedic PT will include personalized manual therapy to treat the affected area, strength and mobility exercises, home exercise designation, and education to restore optimal functioning and pain-free movement.

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