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Body-Inclusive Pelvic Floor Workshop

The Pelvic Floor is a buzzword these days, but its overall anatomy, function, and greater importance to health often remains mysterious, confusing and often taboo. While popular media and medical dialogue target pelvic floor dysfunction in expecting mothers, the truth is that people with all types of bodies struggle with pelvic floor dysfunction. Everyone can benefit from pelvic floor knowledge and therapeutics.


 If you are interested in disillusioning the Pelvic Floor and learning how to improve your everyday function than this workshop is for you. Join Dr. Christine for this experiential workshop about pelvic floor health that is applicable to our movement, fitness practices, and our day to day lives. 


Expect a classroom-style start followed by breakout movement and direct application. We will begin with the basics of pelvic floor anatomy and function, before discussing common dysfunction and its effect on our well being. To develop better practices, we will build awareness through posture and breathing before diving into more integrative movements.


All bodies are welcome. 


Saturday 11/12/22 4-5:30 pm 

In person at Heart Fire Yoga Studio


Space Limited

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