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Dr. Kathleen will now be offering limited Digital Coaching appointments for Pelvic Health, Orthopedic Health, Chronic Pain, and Sexuality Counseling.

What is Digital Coaching?

Digital Coaching offers all the support and education of an in-person appointment, from the flexibility of your home. Digital coaching is a wonderful option for folks who are located outside of the Buffalo area as well as folks who need chronic pain or sexuality coaching without the hands-on aspect of PT. During these digital sesions, Dr. Kathleen will guide you through several treatment exercises, and help you to create a specialized treatment plan for your specific needs. 

Digital Coaching Topics:

  • Pelvic Health & Orthopedic Health 

  • Holistic Care and Treatment Plan for Chronic Pain 

  • Navigating transition into menopause

  • Urgency and Frequency of bladder Issues

  • Pediatric and adult constipation or other toileting issues

  • Pregnancy and preventive care

  • Breathing strategies for labor and pushing

  • Sexual Dysfunction

Sexuality Counseling Topics:

  • Lack of libido

  • Sexual desire discrepancy between partners

  • Returning to sex postpartum

  • Anorgasmia

  • Pain with penetration or orgasm

  • Arousal issues

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Changes in desire or sexuality

  • Supporting partners with sexual dysfunction

What is Sexuality Counseling?

Sexuality counseling is a goal-centered approach to helping improve your individual relationship with your sexuality, your partner, and ultimately to restoring joy and pleasure in your sex life. Sexuality counseling sessions will provide you with a comprehensive sexual assessment, education, and a plan of action catered to your own sexual expression, desires, needs and interests.


The purpose of sexuality counseling is to help you identify challenges in your sexual relationship with yourself and others, and to develop specific tools, strategies and exercises to help overcome these challenges. This is not sex therapy and does not replace sex therapy. Based on the issues that arise during sessions, sex therapy or mental health counseling may be recommended as a treatment option to help process deeper emotional and psychological root causes of the challenges. There are no physical examinations during sexuality counseling sessions - all appointments are digital.  


Digital Coaching Services:

Digital Coaching Initial Evaluation

This 75 minute virtual evaluation will include an in depth patient history discussion, the creation of a thorough treatment plan and several treatment exercises. Patients who need ongoing treatment will schedule follow up sessions for every 2-3 weeks after the initial appointment until their goals are met.

Digital Coaching

Follow -Up

This 40 minute virtual follow up appointment will involve a discussion of progress on the area being treated, an updated treatment plan, education, and several virtual treatment exercises.

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