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Meet Our Team

photo of Dr. Kathleen Engelhardt, DPT E-RYT

Dr. Kathleen Engelhardt DPT E-RYT

Kathleen harmonizes her affinity for movement, anatomy and the tools of yoga into her physical therapy assessment and treatment process.  Kathleen is fascinated by the complexities of our nervous systems and their ability to heal and adapt when given the proper tools, stimulus and information.


  Kathleen deeply believes that it is never too late to heal and anyone, no matter their situation, can make progress if willing to put in the work.  Healing is a lifestyle we can choose to live.  To heal is to grow, to shift, to get uncomfortable and to learn; it is living in the process.  

Kathleen went back to school for her doctor in physical therapy after birthing her 2 children.  She wanted to understand the human body and it's physiology through a more refined eye to enhance her yoga instructor career.  During school, Kathleen developed a keen interest in helping perinatal mothers reconnect with their bodies during pregnancy and after childbirth.  She pursued her pelvic health trainings after graduation and continues to study under the amazing teachers at the Herman & Wallace Institute.  To Kathleen,  pelvic Health felt like the missing link to understanding postpartum recovery as well as the nuances of the core of the body.  

Kathleen's approach is holistic and gentle.  While we need to add challenge to adapt, the process needs to be met with patience and progressed incrementally.  Like children, we need rest, recovery and a deep sense of safety as much as we need challenge.  As humans, we are way more than machines; we are ever complicated beings with rich histories and experiences.  Kathleen prides herself on treating people (not diagnoses) with compassion and empathy.  

Christine headshot.jpeg

Dr. Christine Abrams DPT

Christine has been practicing since 2015 after receiving her doctorate in physical therapy. She grew up immersed in healthcare with both of her parents in the field. As role models, they instilled in her that it is a privilege to serve others in their time of need. This is the driving force behind her philosophy as a therapist.


Christine is a lifelong athlete and exercise enthusiast, and this experience informs her treatment style. As an Olympic weightlifter, she has competed on the national stage. Teaching an energy packed spin class with a focus on quality form has gained her a dedicated following. She’s done it all - CrossFit, half marathons, yoga, field hockey, rock climbing, golf, longboarding, and countless high peak hikes.


Christine’s career has primarily been based in the hospital and she has a vast medical knowledge as a result. She’s gained a diverse range of experience as a physical therapist due to her ambition and hunger to learn. Working in settings including outpatient orthopedics, homecare, pediatrics, subacute rehab, and private practice in the gym, she uses this expansive view to see the big picture when working with clients. 


After an injury brought her to pelvic floor physical therapy, she realized this was a blessing in disguise. Immediately consumed, she couldn’t wait to learn more. Education through the Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute continues to ignite her passion with every course she takes. This speciality encompasses all of the things that she holds dear - movement, mindfulness, lifestyle modification, personal growth and empowerment.

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