Pelvic floor, movement and abdominal assessment for women considering pregnancy or during pregnancy.  Learn how to prevent prolapse, diastasis recti and how to keep your body healthy and supportive throughout the process.


This is a 50 minute gentle (and highly relaxing) whole body manual therapy treatment that assesses and treats the body by releasing tension and pain patterns and enhancing overall health.


Learn how to safely and effectively realign and reset your body following the birth of a baby.  Through manual therapy, exercise, pelvic floor, core and other functional movement patterns you will feel more confident in your body's abilities as you enter into motherhood.  Each mother has different goals and we will work with you to meet your goals.  

while some new moms have specific symptoms to treat (incontinence, pain, etc) - pelvic floor rehab following a baby is beneficial for all new mothers.  


Kathleen's bridges the gap between rehab and yoga with her method of treating orthopedic issues.  Learn how mindfulness techniques, yoga, strength exercises and mobility work can help to improve your symptoms and also make you feel joy in your body throughout your activities.  Often individuals with chronic conditions find success in this more holistic approach to managing pain and other restrictions.  

Get back to your favorite activities without restriction through movement, breath and activity modification.  


Take a close look at your diet and learn how what you are taking in is affecting the performance going out. Offering a holistic approach, we seek to give you small changes over time so that goals can be achieved quickly and modifications are easy to stick to.

Adjust your gut to improve daily life.


Using a background in therapy, we offer the best of the best in getting back to or learning a new fitness routine. Whether you are "graduating" from therapy with one of our fantastic practitioners and ready for something a little more intensive or just need the accountability to move your body safely and effectively, this is the place to do it!