Ashley hails from New York City where she began her physical therapy career at NYU Langone
Hospitals working with adult and pediatric populations, often at the onset of illness or injury.

Ashley has always held primary interests in caring for women and children. She currently works
in a Pediatric Rehabilitation setting and assists children with various complex medical diagnoses
in reaching their developmental milestones through purposeful play.

And let’s face it - behind every baby, there is a pelvis. Ashley is amazed by the vast changes our
bodies can accommodate throughout the span of pregnancy and post-partum journey. These
beautiful physiologic changes deserve support and attention. Her passion to care for this
population prompted Ashley to pursue her Pelvic Rehabilitation training through the Herman &
Wallace Institute, and she continues to dedicate her career towards higher learning in order to
provide quality care and education for her clients.

An exercise enthusiast herself, Ashley’s hobbies include marathon running, triathlons, and yoga.

Herman & Wallace Pelvic Health
Trauma Sensitive Prenatal Yoga Training

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