Pelvic Floor Workshop Series:  

1/5/21 & 1/19/21

7-8:45 pm 

The pelvic floor muscles work in harmony with the rest of our body during all movement, even breath.  Kegels are often misunderstood and under explained.  Join Kath for this experiential & exercise based workshop about female pelvic floor health that is applicable to our movement, fitness and yoga practices and our day to day life.  We will begin with the basics of pelvic floor awareness and progress to more integrative movements.  

 This workshop is Part 1 of a 2 part series.  We highly encourage that you take both workshops, but it is not required. 

In person or Online options; recorded option available 

$35.00 per workshop


Pediatric Motor Developmental Milestones: 0-12 months

Dr. Ashley Edelsberg


9-11:30 AM

Learn about the motor developmental sequence over the first 12 months through the lens of a Pediatric Physical Therapist. This course will cover how to best support your little one in reaching their motor milestones through appropriate positioning and quality play. Course participants will receive a promo code to use towards Lovevery play products. All are welcome. 

Virtual workshop with recording option 

$75 per person 



Dr. Kathleen Engelhardt DPT 

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